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Who are the Archangels and what is their concept album about?

- Archangels are a band:
Archangels, french electro rock band, presents its new concept album!
Those 4 guys, fans of comics, marvels and so on, fly across eras, bringing 70's and 80's classic hits into the 2000's! They play live, 4 musicians, all singers!

- Archangels is an intergenerational concept:
Archangels is a federative concept band and album, mixing rock music period classics, re-injected in electronic music period!

- Archangels have some kind of super powers! Yeah! Archangels are some kind of "supa heroes"! They play with Time and History! They make you travel across periods and cultures!

- Archangels concept album is a tribute:
Lights on rock symbolic pioneers and classic rock hits, with a personal touch and respectful electronic vision.

- Last but not least!! Archangels are fun and cool men! They take it easy, they make a serious music job in a funny and relax mood! They just want to make people have a good time when listening to their productions or seeing them on stage!
Good vibes, energy, no time, all periods, a vision, an electronic touch, a tribute, great and cool musicians, this is what you have to remember!

You've already seen Archangels' members on stage or listened to them for sure! But who are they actually? Ask, comment, share, support, keep in touch!
Archangels listen to you, Archangels care about what you write and Archangel answer you! So...feel free to keep in touch! Express yourself!

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