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G alaxy my nickname
A ctress in my 3D films
L ounge my musical poems
A mphibians my friends
T echnologies my installations
E legance jewellery design
E scapade. I hope my art will lead you astray


 Galatée : A woman full of contrast, fair skin, red haired mediterranean born.
A scholar with a passion for every aspect of culture even that of cultivating her own garden. Intellectual and sensual she travels the world from island to island fitting perfectly into the different cultures and languages.
She can surf the "net" and dive into the depths of time in search of inspiration.

 Galatée : A goddess of the sea, loved by the cyclope Polyphemus, she prefered Acis the sheperd.
Polyphemus mad with jealousy crushed his rival under a rock, but Galatée transformed her lover into a river and together they flowed into the Mediterranean sea.

 Galatée : Principal character of three operas from Lully, Rarmeau, Haendel : Music of the colours in her paintings. Composition, rythm is the forte of her work. Opera is divided into acts each of them being an entity in itself: such as the diptyques, triptyques showed in the exhibition.
Following the tradition, like these composers who often worked on coimmission , Galatee paints portraits, murals, using with ease different medium (water colour, pastel, oil, acrylics).

 Galatée : Virgile's heroine. This latin writer, emblem of classical litterature leads us naturally towards the classical structure of the painter's work mostly inspired by Nature.
Cervanès wrote a pastoral. Lyrical, mouvement depth and life enlight all the paintings.

 "La volupte du silence" novel written by Galatée describes her vision of art.
"At the beginning everyone has talent, the most delicate task is to bring it to its climax.
It seems that everything wants to distract you. Love of beauty can take you far away from its accomplishment. It is almost impossible to try to conciliate contemplation and creation.
But one, cannot exist without the other".

 Galatée : a multi coloured shell fish. The artist with the sparkling palette is a pisces born on the ides of March.

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