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The chance encounter between an accomplished musician and a young kid in a basement rehearsal studio in the south of France. A unique meeting of minds on both a human and artistic level. A powerful voice, clear and high pitched. A guitar, nervous, clumsy and chatty all at the same time.

I was 16. He was 24. He had already supported Asia on stage.

It was the golden age of live gigs in the pubs of Nice's old quarter. We hung out together for two years. Then nothing. Studying abroad for one of us, moving house for the other. We lost touch. Life moved on.

September 2004
I didn't know it but my friend had nearly died after falling under the wheels of a lorry, finally coming round after one month in a coma. A veritable rebirth followed, with an inexplicable desire to put rock music at the center of his life. And any shackles that had previously held him back, were cast off forever.

March 2009
I was 32 with 20 years of guitar under my belt. My father and I often thought of him. All the time. I had lots of compositions and a head bursting with big ideas. Something had to happen. Something was going to happen.
"Hello, Mr Aubert? Yeah hello, I don't know if you remember me, it's Regis Lobj..." "No way!!"
Over ten years had passed and Regis had gotten hold of me by managing to trace my parents.

February 2011
From melodic US big rock and the gods of West Coast glam to the Fab Four, passing by Floyd and Freddie.

One band.

One album.


Lionel Aubert - All guitars & backing vocals - Songwriter
Christian Borello - Drums
Willdric Lievin - Bass guitar & backing vocals
Régis Lobjeois - All vocals & rythm guitar - Songwriter

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