The key idea of Buzztune: UNITED WE STAND
Our aim: ARTISTS


To reach this goal we have created THE community website based on crowdfunding promotional campaigns, dedicated to :


Artists, Producers, Artists agents, labels, Art galleries, Publishers,...


For 1000 €* / year, get the benefits of the following services and of a communication that boosts your visibility :
* 12 monthly payments of € 100 (for a total of € 1,200 per year VAT included), or an annual payment of € 1,000 (save € 200).


1) The strength and advantages of a community network.

- The annual fees of all members are shared for promoting Buzztune website.



2) Your personal and updatable Profile on

- Once you register, you have a professional and customizable artist profile on where you can present and advertise your work, your photos, news, events, videos, etc..

- You manage your artist profile remotely via a personal web portal.


3) Online selling services for your work with no commission.

- Ability to sell or freely distribute your work directly on your artist profile.
- Buzztune takes no commission on sales.
- Sales conducted via a secured banking module.

4) Statistics of sales and number of views of your profile.

- Access your sales statistics and the number of views of your artist profile directly through your personal web portal.


5) Greater visibility through advertising and promotional campaigns organised by (see list of campaigns undertaken by Buzztune in 2012).

6) The advertising costs of 1000 € / year can be tax deductible depending on your tax status.


7) Find new members and receive money.

- Find new members and receive up to 100 Euros per sponsorship.



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