Community Management :


Implementation and communication campaigns on social networks and the web in general.

Objectives :

- Global : Promote the product or know-how of the customer through a communication strategy on social networks.
- Communicate on social networks with pre-set targets in consultation with the client.
- Communicating with social networking media (radio, press, tv, specialized blogs, specialty sites) to advertise the product.
- Develop a community of fans to support the presence of the product on the web by adopting a strategy to engage the fan in promoting client.

Targeting :

- Functional: Examples: TV, web TV, press, music festivals, clubs, production companies, producers, production company to the image, event companies, agencies and schools catering for events or recruiting artists / bands, musicians and bands, dj, vj, bookers, labels, music industry, organizations related to the recording industry, radio, web radio ... industry media and musicians.
- Geographic: defining zones and languages​​.
- Demographic: age, social class, taste, artistic, literary, etc. ....


Campagnes Publicitaires Personnalisées


Customized advertising programs

Studies, specifications, implementation and launch of advertising campaigns for all professionals in the arts.

Objectives :

Study / media most appropriate and best suited to the budgets of our clients, on physical media (print papers, billboards, flyers ..), TV spots, Radio spots.

Targeting :

- Functional
- Geographical
- Demographic


Live Events Planner

 Organization "Live Events" of Buzztune artists such as concerts, promotional happenigs, openings, exhibitions, fairs ...