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  FIVE  2 ONE is what we call a « tribute band’, which means a band dedicated to the play the music of a legendary group. But Five 2 One is a different tribute band, because it plays the music of a different group : THE DOORS.

The band was formed in 2009, and gave its first concert at the Sezamo, in front of an already captivated audience, which started to establish the group’s reputation and following through a «word of mouth » campaign.

 Since that, the band has given more than 30 concerts in front of ever growing and larger audiences.

 To interpret the music of the ever  dark and edgy Jim and his mates, a group of strong personalities was needed, and that’s what’s happening here.

 Five 2 One not only plays the Doors’ major hits, like ‘’Light my fire’’ or ‘’Riders on the storm‘’, but also plays the longer, more ambitious and theatrical pieces, such as «When the music’s over » or the mythical « Celebration of the lizard’ ».

Pianist/organist Frederic D’Oelsnitz is one of the Riviera’s most creative musicians. On top of leading the two bands ‘’The New Jimi Brown Experience’’ and ‘’MD collective’’, he leads his own trio, and  also holds the pianist’s chair in the Nice Jazz Orchestra. After having been a member of Magma for more than two years, he will soon reunite with Christian Vander for the « Offering » project.

  Singer Krees Moretti personifies Jim with great vocal skills and even  and greater strength and conviction, and is also part of the bands Fox and Europa, with which he tours all year long.

 Drummer Eric Chabaud is the strong bottom line on which the construction of the band is made. He’s a skillful professional musician, (with the bands « PGM » and « Jimmy’s Band» ) and includes in his fine playing the power of John Densmore’s one.

 Pascal Santucci on guitar plays all of Robbie Krieger’s parts. He has been a musician for many years and has acquired  a strong experience, indoors and outdoors.


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Locomotive Live
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Five 2 One’s concerts are more than a simple succession of songs, but rather real « happenings », with the help of a striking psychedeic ‘light show’’, and videos full of images unseen before.. 

The groupe has recently tied its talents to those of Le Théâtre de la Providence for a play based on Morrison’s poems.

It was an awesome success, and following this success  and other numerous ones, the band is ready to export its  show on ’Europe’s largest stages..

Five 2 One, a musical experience to enjoy  « absolutely…LIVE ! » 

«Is everybody in ? The Ceremony is about to begin…" 


Gilbert D’Alto, music critic and radio show host  (Agora FM. La Strada) 


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